Border Collies von der Teufelsküche


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About us

The beginnings of our Kennel are reaching back to the year 1970.
At that time we foundet the Kennel which got his name from a nearby sandstone formation called the Teufelsküche.
Our first dog in the breed was the female Collie Heika vom Bienenfleiß.
Heika vom Bienenfleiß
Both Dingo (left picture) and Dunja (right picture) von der Teufelsküche descend from her.
Dingo von der Teufelsküche Dunja von der Teufelsküche
In 1985 we changed to the breeding of Border Collies which then were bred in germany only for a short time, but we liked them a lot from what we saw at dog shows.
Both Olga (left picture in the front) and Regina (right picture) von der Teufelsküche descend from our first female Border Collie Bella (left picture in the back) vom Thurnhof. She is the mother of both of our breeding lines.
Bella vom thurhof and Olga von der Teufelsküche Regina von der Teufelsküche
The black-white line which descends from Olga and the brown-white line which begins with Regina.